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Sunday, 15 June 2014

As Simon mentioned earlier in the week, The Shropshire Star has been on the dock for her bi-annual survey which is carried out by a surveyor from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. Passenger trip boats (carrying more than 12 people) are regulated by this government body and operate on much stricter terms than most narrowboats. When we docked her at the beginning of the week, I had a look round her and noted a few bits and pieces that needed doing to her. One of our anodes had fell off (we didn't put it on I hasten to add), the bottom rudder bearing required placing and the skeg support bar was missing. Bernard duly set about putting these few things right. The surveyor arrived on Wednesday lunchtime and passed her with flying colours!

We see a lot of customers who are looking at buying boats and immediately dismiss older boats as they think the steel work will be worn. Well the trip boat just goes to prove the opposite! She was built by Les Allen of Oldbury in the late 60s, early 70s and she has had no plating work carried out apart from reinstating the chine angle on the two rear corners (where the sides meet the bottom). The ultra-sonic readings show that she has very little (if any) wear to her "British Steel" built hull. I know that older boats aren't to everybody's taste, but I am just saying that they shouldn't be dismissed.

It's been quite a busy week and this weekend has been no different. Friday saw us sending out three dayboats along with three hire boats, Saturday saw us sending out three dayboats again along with five hire boats. Once again today we have sent out three dayboats, one hire boat and the trip boat has been operating 1-hour long public trips today, captained by Will and crewed by Mike.

The tea room has been busy and has been ably manned by Sylvia and Denise, whilst myself and Ange have been in the office, seeing customers, answering phones and generally wondering where the day has gone to!

We had one of the brokerage boats on the dock for a survey this morning, following which we docked a private boat for pressure washing and blacking which meant Peter descended into the bottom of the dock for a couple of hours with the pressure washer to wash her off.

Lee has been busy preparing Oddnydod for painting. Her paintwork wasn't in the best shape and had suffered from some years of deterioration. Here's a couple of pictures of her when she came in...

And here's how she looks at the moment...

Boat sales seem to have gone ballistic over the last month or so, with another one being sold today! I have had one come in over the weekend which I will be advertising on our website tomorrow - so do keep your eyes peeled, but we do need more stock! Our Brokerage service is excellent. The contract is for a six month period during which time the moorings are free and we only charge 5% + VAT (terms apply). We also buy boats for cash. So, if you are looking at upgrading or need to part with your boat we can help you out! Please give Simon or me a call on 01785 284292 to discuss your options or alternatively drop us an email

That's everything to report for today. Have a good week!

Best regards, David.

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