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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Lovely day, all day, at last!

I was away all last week and enjoyed some lovely days with lovely weather, but according to everyone back home its been pants, well I thought they might have been exaggerating a little, but on Monday I realised that they probably hadn't, just as the thunder storm hit and rain like the world was about to end, the skies got darker and darker until they burst, and it did the same thing yesterday! WOW what rain we had! It didn't cause us any problems, I did feel sorry for the day boaters who got a good drenching, but to day has been wall to wall sunshine.

Its been a really busy week so far, the phone has not stopped ringing, I will go to sleep tonight with it ringing in my ears, We only had the one day boat go out today but there was plenty of other things going on around the wharf, the wharf it self has been very busy with passing boats requiring services, we have our trip boat on our dock at the moment for its usual MCA survey that is carried out every couple of years, that passed with flying colours, good job really as its out tomorrow night with the Norbury WI aboard, Peter has done a grand job of blacking it and painting the tunnel bands, while Bernard had a couple of small welding jobs to do, as the sun has been out all day Mr Hand bag came in and has spent the day making the moorings look loved again, you can imagine how tall the grass was getting, and the tea room has been manned by Sylvia who has been kept on her toes with a steady stream of customers all day long, ahhh the sun brings everyone out.

Lets see what tomorrow brings.

Regards Simon

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