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Wednesday, 18 June 2014


It’s been a seriously hot day today, and I have Man Flu, typical! It was very busy on Monday, Quite quiet yesterday and steady today, which I am glad about as this man flu is horrible; it slows you down and makes you feel very tiered.

The usual stuff has gone on over the last few days, three day boats out on Monday and Tuesday, funnily none today, but MR HB and Peter has floated a brokerage boat off the dock that has been blacked and then they docked Axbridge, that is the new to us hire boat that finally turned up a few weeks ago, she will be in the dock for a week and a bit so we can not only get the bottom blacked also we can get the top sides looking a bit better as she is out on hire next month; Bernard wondered in late today after a hospital appointment and started work straight away on a Vetus engine that didn’t want to run properly, it turned out to be a dirty relay, while he was at it he did replace the exhaust flexi pipe that had broken, but it hadn’t been fitted correctly in the first place, hence it had broken; Mick took advantage of this great weather hand has managed to get the moorings grass all strimmed, weeds pulled and everything dosed in weed killer, all in all not a bad day, apart from my Man Flu!


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