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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

busy day again

hi all, i think personally that we have had a busy day again but simon will probably think differently. at one stage i had a phone at each ear, the person on the end of one phone call was very understanding, it was jo from the ice cream company that we use (big delivery coming on friday so she was very happy) the person on the other phone was wanting to book a fish and chip supper so i really did have to deal with her first. the fish and chip supper is being run throughout september on a friday and saturday night as is proving very successful, please feel free to contact us for more details.
denise has been in the tea room today and jenny and i have been in the office in the paint dock having a good clear out and getting covered in paint dust....deep joy.
simon has been doing simon things and simon engineer has been working on one of the hire boats that is in for a few days.
lee has been undocking and docking as well as serving customers on the wharf with diesel and pump outs.
mick and david are on days off and sylvia will be back at work on saturday.
i felt a right twit this afternoon, after jenny and i finished for the day in the paint dock i went to fetch one of the huge wheelie bins to put all the rubbish in, just like being in a supermarket it had a dodgy wheel, i lost complete control and it stopped just before the water....phew, but don't tell simon cos he didn't see me ;-)
busy day tomorrow, there is a boat being craned out at 8am.
until next time....byeeeeeeeeeeee ange.

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