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Saturday, 10 August 2013

busy saturday

hi all, we have had a very busy day here at norbury today.
we had 5 boats return to us this morning all with happy customers aboard, everyone had a great time and have been to different destinations on the canal system. all 5 of the boats turned around and have gone out this afternoon along with phantom and summer wine, the only boats left in the basin are phoenix and phantasy. we also turned wharf cottage round.
we also had 4 day boats out this morning, i know we don't have 4 but as phantasy isn't out on hire we have used her as a day boat today and made 4 customers very happy, all 4 have returned without issues and everyone had a great time.
sylvia has been manning the tea room today as denise has had the weekend off to go to a wedding, lynn is also off on holiday so we have had kelly and tash in the tea room and jenny, sarah and mrs handbag out cleaning the boats and cottage and ploughing through the washing. we also had the trip boat to clean after the fish and chip supper last night which was again a success and had the maximum of 42 customers aboard.
as soon as the day boats returned the girls were on them getting them ready for tomorrow when we have three out again.
mick and simon have engineered the boats today and bill and becks have done the internal checks, then bill, becks, simon and mick did the show rounds and bid the happy folk farewell for a week. i do hope the weather stays dry for them.
david and i have been in and out of the office all day making sure that everything is ok with the boats before they went out and then i started getting all the paperwork ready for next weekend. the phone has also been ringing its head off all day with day boat enquiries with the wowcher deal that we are running at the moment and also the wowcher deal that we are running for the fish and chip supper, it certainly keeps us occupied.
well thats it from me today, i can't think of much else to report, so until next time byeeeeeeeeeee....ange.

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