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Sunday, 25 August 2013

It's been a busy old day here at Norbury today. I was in the office just before 8am and no sooner had I walked through the door there were customers appearing ready for their day out on one of our dayboats and the phone was ringing it's little head off. Denise was next in and we were getting a bit panicky as the time got closer to 8.30am as there was only the two of us here. Was there something we didn't know? No sooner had we had that thought then everyone else walked through the office door. We breathed a sigh of relief!!!!

I got the dayboats ready and was soon showing the first one out. After that I was getting the trip boat ready for a full day of trips and then went down to the dry dock to help Lee float the boat off that we have had on the dock for the past few days.

I was back over in the office by lunchtime and the girls had been run off of their feet. They do work well as a team, bless them...

We have had a busy day on the trip boat. Passenger numbers have been up incredibly with each trip carrying 35+ people.

It's now time to go home and I am heading over to Alvecote Marina near Tamworth to join in with the activities at their annual boat gathering that is occurring this weekend.

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