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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

doesn't matter what i say it will be wrong

well i was supposed to write a blog last night and i didn't so i now have to tell you what has gone on for the last 2 days :-(
well as you all know yesterday was a bank holiday and the last one before christmas, flip, i don't know where this year has gone, it only seems like yesterday that simon was in his dark, winter mood and now here we are in august with september just round the corner.
we had 3 dayboats out first thing yesterday morning and 4 today, all returned without issues and all had a fab time, yesterdays weather was stunning and it has been sunny most of the day today.
well we were very busy in the tea room yesterday, denise, sylvia, lynn, kelly and myself were all in there together serving hot food and sandwiches and of course lots of ice cream, we were also busy with the trip boat. today denise and jenny have manned the tea room and it has been busy in there again.
simon thought we were in for a quiet day....wrong....the phone has not stopped ringing all day. we have been taking day boat bookings, fish and chip supper bookings, trip boat bookings and even holiday bookings for next year. at one stage we had no internet :-( and were having to go back to the old pen and paper scenario until it got up and running again. we then had to play catch up and the phone was still ringing its head off.
david has gone off boating for a couple  of days and sylvia is on holiday until saturday.
lee was busy on the wharf this morning with diesel and pump outs, i did help a bit with the diesel but i'm afraid he did all the pump outs....sorry lee.
simon has been welding anodes on to the boat that is currently in the dry dock and richard is making good headway with the boat that is currently in for painting.
well that's it for tonight, time for tea, peter underwood sorry for the lack of capital letters where necessary ;-)

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