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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Hot n cold

Sometimes I wish this weather would make its mind up, one minute the sun is shining and the next its cold and wet, I could even see my breath at one point when it was throwing it down!

Anyway its been a busy few days here, so I apologise for the lack of blogs again, David is away and when you are a man down do you feel it at the busy times, he is off boating with friends on the Grand Union canal, no doubt he will have a tale or two to write about upon his return, as I said its been a busy few days, the lads have been extremely busy, Richard with the preparation of a boat that is having a 'Norbury makeover' Simon has been making side doors all week, they are like buses you don't see any for ages and then they all come at once, he has had three sets to fabricate, as well as seeing the day boats in and out, Bernard has been finishing off lots of niggling jobs on boats that are being collected this weekend, o9nes we have sold and have been worked on or private boats that have been in for some work.

The day boats returned with only one small incident, they broke a boat pole, now under normal circumstances I would have charged them but seeing as the steerer of the one boat had proposed marriage whilst cruising down the canal I didn't have the heart to upset their day (I must be going soft), when they came back they were both beaming with smiles, we shook hands and I wished them a happy time, good luck to them!

So its been a nice day, no real issues apart from the odd blocked toilet, a dodgy water pump on  hire boat, oh a sinking day boat (nothing serious) a couple of day boats colliding with other boats (we really try hard to make the steerers get the hang of it before we jump off) Big apology to anyone today that came in to contact with one of the boats!

Until tomorrow

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