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Monday, 10 June 2013

Very lacks

I do apologise for the lack of postings over the last week, and weekend, It has been very busy indeed and there has not been enough time to do much, thanks to Ange for posting something last night to show that we are still here and haven't forgotten! I suspect the reason for being sooooooooo busy is down to this incredible weather, it has been fantastic and as I type the blog it still very sunny indeed, the sort of night a cool beer would go down well!

Today has been a busy day, No Angela or David today, just me and Joyce in the office and Denise in the Tearoom so we have been kept on our toes, the usual stuff has been going on today, with a couple of day boats out, a boat being prepared in the wet dock by Richard, Steve has been erecting an inner dock to make the paint jobs even better, Mick has done all sorts of stuff, seeing day boats out, turning hire boats around and doing jobs on several private boats dotted about here and there, Archie has been cracking on with a small revamp job and Lee has been cleaning out an engine room and doing pump outs and diesel.

That's it from me I might have a beer on my way home.

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