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Monday, 3 June 2013


I Can hardly believe the difference in the weather, only last week it was horrible and now look at it, the weekend saw lovely weather and I honestly thought that it wouldn't last but today its been even hotter, no wind, a superb day for boating or just idling away time by the water with a cool beer, perfect, well you can do all of that down here at Norbury, just like so many people have been doing today!

It hasn't been a very busy day today, but we have seen a few folks taking advantage of this fantastic weather, Only one day boat out today and needless to say that they had a fantastic time, we have a couple of boats out tomorrow and then the three boats are out solid back to back until some time in July, so if you are thinking of having a day boat get in quick as July is now booking up; saying that it hasn't been busy doesn't mean we sit around with nothing to do, in fact I have sold one boat, had some serious interest in two more boats, so not too bad a day! Mick has been stripping the next boat in the paint dock that Richard will weave his magic over, talking of Richard he has been preparing the boat prior to painting it, Steve has been erecting a new inner dock in the paint dock, this is going to be Richards new home so to speak, we are making a sterile painting booth for doing the boats so that we can heat the area a lot better and keep it dust free(hopefully) and young Lee has been blacking, turning boats around and tidying up the boats in the basin after they had all been returned on Saturday and sort of dumped!

I'm off home now to enjoy the rest of this wonderful weather in the garden.

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