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Sunday, 9 June 2013

it's been an ice cream day today

it has been a really busy day here at norbury today. we had 3 day boats go out first thing this morning, all returned with happy peeps aboard who have had a really good day. we have 3 day boats out every day now for the rest of june :-)
i have done a couple of holiday bookings today and also a couple of day boat bookings and a booking on the trip boat for november.......yay. the trip boat has also been successful today. a lot of our customers today got fed up with waiting in the queue for the air show at cosford so decided to come to norbury instead.
david and mike have been sorting out the microphone on the trip boat so that we can do our hi de hi talk along the way, lee has been busy strimming the lawn and very busy on the wharf with diesel, gas and pump outs.
well the tea room has been something else............mega busy. normally we don't get busy in the tea room until about 11 o'clock on a sunday, the day boaters all wanted tea and coffee before they left and that seemed to set the trend for the rest of the day, the smell of bacon cooking bought everyone in which left denise, lynn, tash, mrs handbag and me flat out for the rest of the day.
as the title suggests it has been an ice cream day, we have sold tons of it, i must have filled the freezers up 10 times today but thankfully we haven't sold out, i'll never live that down.
that's it from me for now, i didn't realise the lads hadn't posted in a while, don't worry i'll keep you up to date, until next time...........byeeeeeeeeeeeee ange.

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