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Sunday, 16 June 2013

started off very quiet

we had 2 day boats out this morning which was a bit surprising as it was fathers day and the fact that we have no space left in june at all, however they both returned without issues and had a very enjoyable day.
we had a very quiet start to the day today that obviously doesn't go down very well with simon, he doesn't work weekends very often but when he does we are never as busy as normal, he says you keep telling me you are busy and i can quite clearly see that you are not, we need to look at the situation and send some of the girls home. well denise had 1/2 days holiday and tash went home at 2pm. this just left lyn, sylvia and myself....then the flood gates opened.
simon popped out for an hour, i had a phone at each ear, the day boats returned and moored in the trip boats space, both day boats needed checking and cleaning, a customer wanted to book a day boat and lots of customers wanting to pay for ice creams. when i eventually got round to helping sylvia in the kitchen it took lyn, sylvia and myself until 5.30 to get all washed up and everything put away before mrs tupp gets back in the morning otherwise we will be in trouble, well that's all for today, short blog sorry, until next time byeeee ange.

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