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Monday, 20 May 2013


I am sorry for the lack of posts on the blog of late, we have been a bit busy with getting the trip boat sorted, a bit short of staff when we have been a bit on the busy side and also there has not been that much of interest to report of late, not even outstanding weather to comment about! Today has not been any different, the weather has not really amounted to much, except it hasn't rained which is always a bonus in this country. Not a lot to report about things either, no day boats out, only one hire boat out and that was already to go, a boat on the dock being blacked and a boat in the wet dock being painted, Mick has been doing lots of different jobs on boats around the yard, David has been doing paperwork and sorting out the marketing for the charter side of the trip boat and the girls have been busy either in the office, tea room or cleaning boats, the laundry and the holiday cottage.

That's it from me

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