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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wet Wednesday

I should have put a wet couple of days as the title as yesterday was hell here, it didn't stop raining from first light until the lights went out last night, today hasn't been as bad and we even had some sun but then the rain came back and it has stayed with us all afternoon, its been a very busy couple of days here on the wharf, we have seen lots of boats in for services and lots of passing boats too, it does make a pleasant change to see the canal busier than it has been, I have to sat though that it still isn't as busy as it should be! I had an interesting conversation with a customer today who was bemoaning about the lack of facilities along the Leicester ring, I too did a bit of boat on the river soar recently which makes up part of the ring and I too remember seeing a distinct lack of open boat yards, my customer was saying that half of the yards were either shut or had stopped selling diesel, is it a sign of the times, is stocking diesel just getting to be a too expensive commodity to have say in tanks, I know that if I didn't have a hire fleet, day boats, trip boat and we didn't see much in the way of passing trade then to be honest I would maybe consider stopping the sale of the stuff, you only need to loose a few gallons and the profit has gone on the rest!

As usual Wednesdays are quiet on the ground in terms of staff but those that have been here have been kept on their toes, Bernard saw all three day boats out this morning and has also been sorting out fuel pipe on a private boat, Steve and Lee undocked a boat and Lee pressure washed that, rubbed down the counter bands and gave them a coat of paint and that is between pump outs and wharf duties, while Me, Ange, Joyce and Sylvia have looked after the shop and tearoom which have been busy too.

Until tomorrow

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