Shop front in the summer

Thursday, 2 May 2013


I think that summer has finally arrived, and its timing is almost perfect as this weekend is the Norbury festival, there seems to be loads more going on this year at the festival, so if you are at a loose end come down and take a look, if the forecast is correct then we will be blessed by this stunnig weather that is with us at the moment.

We have been working really hard this week on many different jobs but the one that is most pressing is the trip boat, as I type the blog there are loads of things going on, The carpet was laid this week and Steve has been busy putting the seating back in, the beer was delivered today and tomorrow the new pumps are being fitted, there have been so many little jobs to be done that it is hard to keep on top of but I really think it is in danger of being 99% finished and ready for its official launch at 12.30 on Saturday, It has made the front page of the Shropshire Star news paper and the owner of the news paper will be here as well as some other well know canal folk to officially launch this in to service, the coverage so far has been great and so far we have had one booking for a school party next month!

I will try my best to write a blog over the next few days, but it does just depend on how busy we are.


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