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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Windy city

Where has the sun gone and more importantly where did that wind come from, it started off nice this morning but the wind soon picked up and it has been blowing a 'hooley' for most of the day, talking with people yesterday on the wharf and they were saying that they wouldn't be boating today because of the wind that was forecast and I thought it couldn't be that bad surely, but it has been today so hats off to those that made the decision to stay put today because the wind  does make boating hard work!

Given that a lot of folk said that they would stay put today we have seen the wharf very busy with boats coming in for services, the phones have been busy too which has kept Joyce busy, eBay has also been busy and that has also kept Joyce from falling asleep, David has been catching up with important paperwork that has been left because of the busy weekend, Denise has been busy in the tea room with a steady flow of customers, Lyn has been playing catch up and cleaning boats that are going out the weekend, Mick is off today on his day off, Simon is off ill at the moment which has left us with Bernard to try and get the boats ready for the weekend, not to many boats out so he should have then sorted.

That's it from me for today

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