Shop front in the summer

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The day after

The weather has been fantastic again today and the sun has been un-broken all day long which has seen lots of people down here on the wharf enjoying the warmth by the water, Joyce has done a sterling job of looking after the tea room and the customers, Angela has been ordering replacement of essential stocks after the locust style swarm that devastated our ice cream stocks over the weekend, we are very diverse here at Norbury with what we do, you can have your bottom blacked while sitting and enjoying an ice cream or whilst waiting to collect your hire boat you can sit and enjoy a beer or a glass of wine and unwind.

Its funny how sort of deflated you feel having just had a manic weekend and things then  return back to normal, we have been busy here today yet I feel more tiered than I did yesterday or Saturday, I suppose it catches up with you, Ange has said her feet still hurt, Nothing really interesting to report about today, so until tomorrow.


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