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Monday, 6 May 2013

Incredible weekend

It is difficult to convey in words just how busy it has been here at Norbury over the bank holiday weekend, I have been here since 1997 and to date I have never seen this many people here at the wharf, We have got through somewhere in the regions of 120 loafs of bread, 5  freezers full of ice cream, in excess of 200 pints of milk and that is just the tip of the iceberg, I was dispatched first thing this morning to get an extra 80 eggs and 90 tomatoes and that was on top of a delivery that came in the morning as well, David said that for three hours yesterday afternoon he just stood at one till and served people to ice cream, the Canal trust are also reporting that they have never done so many canal boat trips since they started the festival, the pub too have been heaving and at 1.30pm today we heard reports of up to an hours wait just to get a drink, our brochures have been disappearing at a rate that we could not keep up with, and all of the new trip boat brochure have gone completely! Fair play to everyone that has worked so hard this weekend, thanks to the nine people in the tea room and the extra folk that have just come in and helped out, with out them all we would have been up the creek without the! Here are a couple of photos just before it went balmy. It got to the stage where we did run out of ice cream and pretty much everything else, and the wharf was grid locked with people, so was the tow path, the road, the car parks, the bridge, and the pub!


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