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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Its nearly party time!

We have a great night planned for this coming Saturday evening, I just hope that all of the hard work and plans come off, We should be having a superb 7/8 piece band doing the early evening slot, they do some great foot tapping stuff and some excellent songs too, then they will be followed by Steve Hall or Stevo as some might know him, he might be bringing a friend or two with him to accompany him, he does some great stuff as as the night gets on he will no doubt be doing some of his own stuff which Can be seriously funny and a bit close to the knuckle, so that's the entertainment sorted! The food is being put on by Norburys own staff in the form of baked spuds with lashings of butter and cheese, topped with home made Chile if wanted, and on top of that if there is room left there is a hog roast too! The drinks list is a good one too, Bombarder (cask) beer, Doom Bar (cask) beer, Boddingtons (smooth pour) Becks veir (larger) and the usual wines and spirits, the trip boat will be alongside the wharf as the main bar, food will be served in the Tea room and the entertainment,stage, main tables and seating will be in the marque which will be adjacent to the shop on the wharf. So if you were thinking of coming but not quite sure think again because its going to be a great night!

If you havent had an invite we might have overlooked you, just drop me an email to remind me! 


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