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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Thefts from boats

Well what a horrible day it has been today, the morning started off grey and dark and it really felt like a day in the depths of the winter, Brrrrr and its gone really cold, stoking fires is probabnly the order of teh day for most people but not here as work still goes on, Richard as you know is in the final stages of the preparation work on Thea and is now starting to apply primer, as well as some finishing jobs on Ben Cruchan, that is the last boat he painted but it remained here while we did some major surgery in the engine room and no matter how careful people have been there is still some touching up to do, Lee docked a couple of boats this morning with Simon, one of them has got to have a new stern drive rubber boot fitted, not the normal sort of job that we do and we don't see many stern drives so that is something other than the 'norm' Lee then went in to the warm to help Richard do some painting, Simon showed a day boat out (must be mad in this weather) just the one out fortunately! Joyce has been doing eBay stuff and Ange has been catching up on paperwork!

As the title suggests we are starting to see a few thefts from boats, or hear about them, nothing new I know but it is worth mentioning the latest thefts!  I had an email this morning to say that a cratch cover has been stolen off a boat at Gailey and we had a diesel heater unit and an inverter stolen off a boat here at Norbury recently, without a shadow of a doubt this has to be a boater as these items would be of little use to anyone else, stay vigilant and make sure that your belongings are protected as best you can when your boat is left alone!


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