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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

well what can i say

hi all, simon has asked me to write a blog today as he doesn't know what to write other than the usual garb that goes on here. i will do my best.
well we've had no day boats out today, we've had phantom return from a 6 week cruise with very happy customers aboard.
joyce has manned the tea room which has kept her busy along with  keeping up with our e bay sales, wrapping parcels and sending them off to the post office. at one stage we had to send her to the petrol station in gnosall to get some fuel for the strimmer so that lee could carry on with the task in hand. she's as bad as i am in the company vehicle....can't reach the pedals and no rear view mirror and can't do reversing very well without one, but we got there between us.
simon answered his e mails then someone asked for a bottle of gas to be delivered to their house and there was only him able to do it as either we weren't old enough to drive the van or not strong enough to get the bottle out at the other end....oh well, it kept him occupied for 1/2 an hour.
i have been re-stocking shelves, collating orders for the chandlery....stove glass for one, as customers don't realise that we sell more glass at this time of the year because when they go to their boat for a visit they light the stove and the glass cracks as the weather is cooler.
simon (engineer) has been working on the hire fleet and mick has been working on a private boat. rich is making headway with "thea" and i'm sure david will be putting more photo's on as the painting progresses.
all in all not a very busy day, sorry about the lack of capital letters peter (underwood) you know who you are....until next time, byeeee ange.    

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