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Friday, 11 October 2013

Progress with Thea - Week 1

Well Thea has now been in the dock for five days and a lot of headway has been made. As with most jobs on boats the list just seems to get longer and longer, but it's always best to address any issues when they are discovered. 

It was decided to remove the rear slide runners prior to preparing the cabin for painting and it was a good job that we did because there was a lot of corrosion going on under there as you can see by this picture!

It has now been needle gunned and linished back to remove it prior to a rust inhibitor being applied as you can see here. 

You can also see that we decided to remove the chimney collar to treat the corrosion that was occurring underneath it and the corrosion that was occurring down the cabin side has been dug out too.

The counter, dollies and cants get continued use, so we have decided to take this working area back to bare metal.

The large front deck which is constructed out of chequer plate has been needle gunned and wire brushed.

All the portholes have been removed and all apertures papered up...

Richard has now started to sand down the cabin sides.

I'll give you another update at the end of next week.

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