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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Old faces

I do like it when old friends and customer's pop into say hello and today has been one of those days.

Firstly we had Blue Diamond pull on the Wharf. Still looking resplendent in the livery that we painted it about eight years ago. We had a good catch up and natter about the current climate and the condition of the waterways. It was also good to see Tony and his wife Julie who used to be part owners in Oasis Too which was based here for a number of years. They turned up with their new boat, which they are really chuffed with.

It has been really damp here today, alright if you are a duck, but not much else really...

The lads have all kept their heads down today and got on with their relavent jobs. Fred has been blacking, turned a couple of boats round, done some pumpouts and diesel on the Wharf and a bit of painting - inside I hasten to add... Simon has turned Phoenix around ready for the customer's arrival tomorrow and finished a service on an engine on a private boat. Mick has been down the dock finishing some jobs off on another private boat.

Lynn has been cleaning boats and catching up with laundry, whilst Denise has been in the kitchen and Ange in the office with me. I've had my head glued to the computer screen all day designing the hire boat brochure for next year. Watch this space - we should have copies by the end of the month :-)

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