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Friday, 25 October 2013

Progress with Thea - Week 3

The painting of Thea has progressed well again this week. Here's a few pictures to update you.

The chequer plate front deck has been undercoated and the final topcoats of International Danboline have been applied. The front bulkhead has had it's first topcoat of Danboline too and the door jams have been sprayed to get good coverage in all those awkward areas.

The back cabin is coming on a treat too. The cabin sides and back bulkhead are in undercoat as are the rear cants. The counter top (back deck) has had it's first coat of Danboline too.

And here's a view of the other side.

The cabin top (roof) has been painted.

Mick has been busy making a new (wooden) rear slide which is now in undercoat.

He has also made and fitted new slide runners out of hard wood, which look a treat.

The engine hole slides are also receiving undercoat.

I'm hoping that you will see a real transformation by the end of next week, so keep an eye out for an update!

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  1. That's coming on a treat, see you in March so Birmingham can have the same treatment :-)