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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Bloody awful

What a disgusting, horrible day it has been today, it has not stopped raining all day, I Am just glad that it wasn't smack bang in the middle of the children's holidays, I didn't see the pouring rain early this morning but according to those who did it was torrential, as i write up today's blog it is still raining, it wont have made much of an impact on the reservoirs though but I bet the farmers are glad of it, it has mad a small difference on the level here at Norbury and the canal must be up about an inch from yesterday.

As you can imagine it has been a quiet day today, as I have said before though Wednesdays are generally quiet but the rain has kept everyone away toady except the hardy few, Fred and Simon docked a boat this morning, Fred then proceeded to pressure wash it while leaving Simon to move boats around the place, we have had more boats turn up to be sold on so that has kept me busy, once Fred had finished he helped Simon move the rest of the boats around and made room for the returning boats this coming weekend, Matt is in the final stages of top coating the boat in the dock and that is the total sum of today's goings on!

Until tomorrow

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