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Monday, 30 April 2012

where did the week go?

I really must apologise yet again for the length of time between posts on the blog, I am conscious it has been a week since the last time I typed up a blog but we have been very busy indeed and neither me or David have had the time to write anything, you would have thought with the disgusting weather that we were experiencing over the last week we would be quiet, well on the contrary we've been flat out! Talking about the weather, hasn't it been relentless, I really felt sorry for the lads and lass's last week who had to work on the boats out side, they all had a thorough drenching, still they managed to get all of the boats turned around without too many issues; Today is a different kettle of fish as the weather has done a complete turnaround and the sun has been shining all day and as I writ the blog it is still sunny.

As you can imagine it has been an eventful week given the extreme weather we have had, on Saturday the hurricane strength winds caused several trees to be blown over and the usual place didn't get away with out incident, you guessed it Woodseaves cutting had a land slide which also caused a tree to come down so BWB shut the canal, the good news is that it has now been cleared and is open again, I reckon it is only a matter of time before that whole area suffers a major incident and closes the canal for a much much longer period!

I could keep on writing about things that have gone on since last Tuesday(last blog), the damage the wind and rain has caused, the jobs that the lads have all been on but the blog would end up being pages and pages long so I will try my hardest this week to keep things a little more up to date.

until tomorrow (hopefully)

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