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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

important information

I really wish it would make its mind up, the weather that is, yesterday it persisted it down for most of the day and today the sun has shone all day, I hope it stays like this for the rest of the week, don't forget folks, its the Newport and Shrewsbury canal festival here at Norbury over this coming weekend, and its all weekend including the bank holiday Monday!

It started first thing this morning with boats queueing to get on to the wharf for services, Bernard and Fred were busy docking boats so I was left to look after the customers on the wharf, don't tell anyone but I quite enjoyed having the banter with the folks, that set the scene for the rest of the day and it has been a busy one all day, I reckon that everyone has been shut up in their boats over the last few days dodging the rain and that's why we have seen so many people in today.

Anyway about the title, some of you may already know about the new diesel that was introduce a good while back, you know the stuff that has a certain percentage of bio fuel added to it, well at the time there was speculation that it would cause damage to the diesel engines that we had in our boats, this has now started to come true, I don't wish to alarm anyone about the possible problems but for warned is for armed, We have some hire boats that used to belong to another hire company and they are also having problems, we have had two of those boats develop an issue with their fuel pumps, the bio fuel breaks down the seals in the fuel pumps and that then ends up filling the engine sump with fuel, in the worst case the engine will 'run away' with its self and that can cause it to blow up! you need to pay particular attention to the oil level in your sump, DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED THAT IT WAS FINE YESTERDAY SO IT WILL BE FINE TODAY,CHECK IT EVERY DAY by dipping the dip stick, when filling with fuel put the fuel additive in! It will be an expensive job if you don't.


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