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Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Its gone from being a lovely few days to a damp drizzling moist wet day today, its been a very busy week indeed and today has been no exception we have seen lots of boats on the wharf, in fact that many boats have been in for services we have totally run out of diesel, DON'T panic though as there is a fresh load being delivered first thing in the morning.

The lads have all been busy today, Simon has been on a breakdown this mooring, nothing serious as I gave him a couple of pointers to look for so he he sorted the problem pretty quick, he then carried on with welding and plating virtually the rest of the day, well until the rain got the better of him and he through the towel in and went and did some engineering on the hire boats, Bernard has been in and finished off installing a stove on to one of our hire boats, when you start a job they often spiral into something much bigger, this particular boat had a water leak, we traced the leak to the water tank, to remove the tank we had to remove the stove, all of the cupboards in the front, the stove, the hearth,the steps and bulkhead, we then fitted a new tank (the old one was really bad) and then we found that we had to replace some of the tiles on the hearth, the stove was past its sell by date so that need to be replace, so did the flue pipe, and the list goes on, anyway its all done now and ready to go out on hire again, Matt has been kept very busy with paint work this week, he is doing a full job on one of our shared owned boats, and Fred only did half a day today as he said that he wanted some quality time with his wife, I bet that's not what she said!

That's pretty much it from me for today.

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