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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Broke out in a sweat!

Its been a mini heat wave today here at Norbury, I even broke out in a sweat it was that warm! that doesn't happen very often, I can tell you! Its been manic here today, as you can imagine after two days of glorious weather people have been coming out in the bus loads to sit by the water and enjoy the canal, we have seen a good number of boats passing through as well, the weather brings them all out, ice cream has been flying out of the chillers all day, its been like a mid summers day, long may it continue.

We had three day boats out first thing this morning, they all returned with issue and on time, everyone had a superb day, well you could hardly not in this weather, the lads have all been kept busy today, well the ones that are here, Fred and Bernard docked a boat form blacking this morning, Bernard promptly fitted some anodes and sorted out his sloppy rudder, Fred then pressure washed it and has then spent the rest of the day asleep down the arm in the sunshine, well not really but that's what I reckon he gets up to when I'm not looking, Simon has been chopping, hacking and fabricating steel work for a boat that he is working on, while my self, Angela and Lorraine have kept the shop, tea room and phones covered all day, I am glad today is over, that's it from me until tomorrow maybe.


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  1. Surly Bernard’s sloppy rudder should be sorted out by the NHS

    Bob No Frontiars