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Monday, 14 May 2012

Not enough hours in the day

As the title says really, the last time I wrote the blog was last Wednesday so I guess you can tell that we have been very busy, David was back at work on Saturday and he has been busy too, although we have had either Angela off or David or myself so when you are a man down it puts pressure on the rest left behind, talking of Ange, she has been off boating this weekend, sad really, we all seem to spend our free time messing about with boats, you would have thought that we would have had enough of them while we are at work!

The weather has been great over the last few days except today which has been vile, a cold wind has kept the solid fuel sales going well today, if I sold umbrellas then I would have made a packet,at one stage I thought we might be making snow men tonight, I hope the weather gets better, I will keep my fingers crossed as I am going off to do a bit of boating this week, now you might think that I am a lucky sod but trust me I never really switch off and just because I am away from Norbury it doesn't mean I will be forgetting the place, sometimes I get more jobs done when I have some peace and quiet, I say it gives my brain time to catch up!

It hasn't been too busy today as you can imagine the weather has kept people away, and I don't blame anyone that has stayed in with their feet up by a fire today, Matt has been applying some paint to a shared boat that we have in at the moment, Simon has been working on a boat that we currently have for sale, Mick has been boiler servicing on a boat that we have sold and doing some refitting work on another boat that we sold a few weeks ago, Fred blacked a boat this morning, did a few jobs and as the weather was so poor he had half a day, that pleased him!

As David has already mentioned, boat sales are strong at the moment and we took deposits on two boats this weekend, our stocks are depleting fast, we have had some serious interest in other boats that we currently have and, I Am sure we will have some more deposits shortly, the hire fleet seems to be doing well now and we have well over half of the fleet out most weekends and all three day boats too, that will please the pubs along the canal that benefit from seeing twenty or so merry folk in on a lunch time for some nosh!

That's it from me for today.

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