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Friday, 18 May 2012

Dry dock offer

Where do the days go to? I just really don't know. No sooner am I opening up in the morning, then it's time to lock up again. So much goes on in a day it is impossible to report it all.

I must admit we've got some peace at the moment as we have managed persuade Simon to take a few extra days over this weekend, so he can bob about on his boat.

It appears that we may have sold another boat today and the owners of Cotton Dancer have been in and asked me to reduce the price to £30,995.00. Cotton Dancer, originally named The Merry Pippin was built for Ange and her husband Mark and named after their two dogs. They sold the boat to Tim and his wife Jan (the current owners) when they moved onto the "bank" about four years ago. Tim is a fantastic artist and paints a lot of the Canalware that we sell in the shop. Since he has had Cotton Dancer he has made some internal alterations, repainted the outside to a high standard and also signwritten it himself. She has been regularly maintained by both owners and has been regularly docked here at Norbury since she was built in 1999. If you want a 50 foot boat that is ready to step onto and go boating, then this is definitely the boat for you!

Now, our dry dock is a very busy place indeed and usually it is booked months in advance. Fred does an absolutely superb job and we usually have a steady flow of returning customers as well as lots of new ones. However at the moment I have noticed that we have some gaps in our normally busy schedule, so as a special offer we are offering a limited number of blacking spaces at a discounted rate. You will get 25% off for bookings commencing in May 2012 and 10% off for bookings commencing in June and July 2012. This offer supersedes any other promotions or offers and only applies to the docking and blacking fees. If you fancy saving some money give us a call on 01785 284292 or drop me an email

We've turned four hire boats around today and two shared boats, all without a hitch - as it should be of course, but some unfortunate niggles do arise from time-to-time. Luckily none today...

I've been working on some amendments for the brochure whilst Ange and Kim have been looking after the office and the shop. Lorraine and Denise have been cleaning. Mick has been working on a private boat. Bernard has been turning the hire boats around and finishing a job on the dry dock whilst Fred has just been Fred - need I say anymore!

Until tomorrow.


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