Shop front in the summer

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Shock to the system!

You can imagine my surprise this morning when I reluctantly peeled back the curtains to see the ground covered in snow, albeit a very light covering, last week I saw temperatures well in their 30's and could hardly escape the heat and this morning I have had to put two jackets on and the heating just so my blood circulates! It has been blowing a 'hooley' all night which has caused the chairs and tables to be strewn all over the wharf this morning it was reported by one early boater that he had rescued most or them while waiting for us to open up this morning.

This weather has hindered the lads getting on with their jobs, Steve has carried on with the concreting immediately in front of the shop although he has complained that his hands were like ice, Simon couldn’t carry on with plating today so once he had finished fitting anodes and sorting out a worn rudder this morning he went on to Phantoms engine rebuild and that is now nicely underway and it might even be back in the boat by the weekend, Bernard has been docking boats with Fred and also preparing boats for this weekends turnarounds, I had a tot up today and with the day boats and we have a total of 36 boats going out over this coming weekend, its gonna be a busy one, probably the busiest we have ever been, we still have one more boat that we could let out, if that happens then everything that we can go out will be out.

That’s it from me for today, until tomorrow


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