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Friday, 6 April 2012

Gooooood Friday

What a busy day, I know that it is a bank holiday but we were not expecting it to be as busy as it has been, we have had 13 boats go out today and we have seen a massive amount of people in the shop and tea room and looking at boats, we have bee blessed with the weather as it hasn't rained, I know its a surprise considering its a bank holiday, I am sitting in the office as I type and looking out of the window it is the first time this year that the basin is nearly empty, its a lovely sight in some respects to see nearly all of the boats out and a worrying time as well, until they all return safely. As you can imagine all of the staff have been very busy today and our extra helpers too, thanks to everyone who has put a big effort to get all of the boats out, on time and with no problems, that's it until we do it all again tomorrow, another 12 out tomorrow!

That's it from me for today

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