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Saturday, 21 April 2012

It was quite an emotional day yesterday and I think a funeral always puts everyones life into perspective. So after doing the necessary jobs at home when I finished work (ie. walking Annie) I decided it was time to retire to the pub with some friends and "put the world to rights". It was closing time when we rolled out of the Junction and the next thing I knew was that the sun was rising and the birds had started tweeting.

Whilst walking across the field with Annie the sun was starting to get some heat into it and I was doubting the weather forecast that I had heard only an hour previously. I was in the office by eight and Fred arrived soon after. I do enjoy our morning chats. Fred is so dedicated that he arrives half an hour before we open and before anyone else arrives on the yard. We talk about all manner of things, but it is usually work related. It wasn't long before Lorraine's husband arrived and informed us that she was still unwell and wouldn't be coming to work.

There were new occupants for five hire boats and Wharf Cottage arriving this afternoon, so the lads had to busy themselves with getting them ready. Denise set to with cleaning and soon after the heavens opened and it did come down! I know we are short of water but the rain/hail storms that we are experiencing at the moment are incredible.

Kim and I have looked after the shop, office and tearoom, although I must say that Kim has been doing the latter.

Matt has been in today and has been making headway with Calstock. I managed to grab a couple of photographs a short while ago, so here you go.

That's everything from me today.

Until tomorrow.



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