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Monday, 25 March 2013

Arctic or what?

I have never been to the Arctic circle but have seen pictures of a recent trip that my brother did and it looked bbbbrrrrr cold, well I can assure you that it has been like that today here at Norbury, the wind chill has been in the region of -6 and the snow has remained all over the boats and made no attempt to go away, just when we all thought it was well behind us and we were all looking forward and planning our cruising for this year, BANG and its back with a vengeance, the weekend saw snow drifts on some of the country lanes as high as the hedges, some of these lanes were totally impassable, I was out and about on Friday in my Land rover and I even came across an abandoned tractor that was stuck in a snow drift, fortunately today has seen some of the drifts disappear but there are some lanes that are blocked, luckily enough for us none of them lead to Norbury so if you are planning a visit then don't worry, One good thing with this late in the season wintry weather, it might mean an extended summer!

As you can imagine it has not been a busy day at all, in fact its been dead quiet since Friday of last week, so much so that three of the girls didn't bother coming in over the weekend and we haven't been fully staffed today, nothing really to report about today so until tomorrow.


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