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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

No Time

So sorry that there has been no blog for the last few days, there just doesn't seem enough hours in the day at the moment, David said that he had a busy day on Sunday so didn't get around to blogging and as for yesterday................... well my head was still spinning when I arrived home, yesterday was a bit of a blur to be honest, we were that busy that I cant really remember what we did, the phone did not stop ringing all day, the customers didn't stop coming in all day, the emails didn't stop coming all day so by the time we shut the doors at 5.45 I had run out of energy, Today has been very similar, Tuesdays are usually a lot quieter for some reason but again today it has been non stop, this morning was much of the same but a respite came in the afternoon as it quietened down enough to finally catch up on the days enquiries, it gave me a chance to go out in to the cold to photograph the three boats that turned up yesterday to be put on to our brokerage, so tomorrow morning that will be my second task after dealing with the usual emails and sorting the lads out.

The lads have all been busy today, nothing out of the ordinary, we had a day boat out today, they have started picking up now as we had two out yesterday, Mick has been on the refit on the sinker and then a breakdown on a private boat, he then started on a  wiring job on a boat, Simon has been fitting anodes, sorting out a wobbly rudder as well as an engine service and welding up a leaky water tank on a private boat, Fred has been blacking and causing his usual trouble around the yard while Steve has been doing repairs to the trip boat floor where it had gone a bit in places, tomorrow will be a fun day as I have, Fred, Bernard, Mick and Simon to contend with as well as the girls, Steve and Richard, but to be fair the girls and Richard are no trouble!

Until Tomorrow

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