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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Well, what a busy day we have had here today.

8am this morning saw Fred, Mick and I swapping the boats in the paint dock. Rich has made an absolutely superb job of the roof on the private boat that we have had in the dock. Shortly after Bernard arrived and along with Fred, took the boat off of the dry dock. Fred, Bernard and I then docked two boats whilst Mick carried on with wiring modifications on a boat that we have recently changed the engine. As soon as the boats were down on the bostocks it was time for an early break while the rest of the water drained away.

Bernard soon had the propeller changed on the one boat, so him and Fred flooded the dock and redocked the other private boat that is in for pressure washing and blacking. As soon as the water had subsided enough so it didn't come over Fred's boots I sent him down to get pressure washing...

Bernard has run the whole fleet up today to charge the batteries. Mick has been stripping the boat that we have put in the paint dock. I'm sure Rich will make an absolutely outstanding job of painting it and the boat will no doubtly come out looking like new.

Steve is making headway with the refurbishment of the trip boat.

I've advertised the three boats that we have had come in for brokerage. They can now be found on our website

The girls have been busy in the shop today - Denise, Ange and Lynn.

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