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Monday, 4 March 2013

New venture

Monday got off to a busy start and then the sun came out and its been a busy day all day long.

Our new boat painter Richard Corbett started today, he is a breath of fresh air, confident, enthusiastic and a true professional in his approach to the job, he is also a keen boater of many many years and has been a professional boat painter for many years with a good following of customers.

We have today taken delivery of our next new venture, David has been on at me for years now to get a trip boat, I have resisted his badgering so far, until last week he finally broke me down, so if nothing else but to shut him up we have purchased one, it will be operated from the wharf on a charter basis but with some days a week set aside or public trips, we will operate it for schools, companies, youth organisations, retirement homes, coach companies, stag and hen nights, to name just a few, a trip boat used to be operated from Norbury in the days of Shropshire Union cruisers, Dartline and Anglo Welsh, so we are not doing anything that hasn't been done before, but I believe that we can do it better, They never had the marketing tools that we have at our fingertips today and with David at the helm of this new venture I am confident that it will be a great success!
  The boat is a seventy footer, licensed to carry forty two people and has a full operational bar, this coupled with our successful licensed tea room and our great location will make a great combination, Keep your eyes out over the coming weeks and months for the itinerary and further details.
  David and one of our friends and moorers disappeared this afternoon to collect the boat and as we speak are wending their way back from its old base at Wolverhampton to Norbury and I am off now to meet up with them for the last couple of hours cruising.
  I will post some pictures tomorrow.


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