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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

If only

If only the weather would stay like it has been today but for the rest of the year, it would be brilliant, I knew this morning on my way to work it was going to be a nice day, the sun was trying hard at 7.45am to come out, it needed to as it was very cold indeed and everything had a covering of frost on it, it didn't take long though and before we knew it the sun was blazing in the sky, the frost disappeared and by mid afternoon the temperature was such that I even removed my coat, As I sit here typing the blog the sun is still there, hanging on to the last few moments before it disapears, Lovely!

It was a late night for me David and Peter, we finally arrived back at Norbury on the trip boat at about 9.30pm, we tied it on the wharf for the night then disappeared down to Newport to grab a bite to eat before returning to our warm homes and beds! When I arrived at work this morning there was a flurry of people on the wharf all pouring over the new trip boat, offering ideas, suggestions and the like, David was already there, keen to move it off the wharf and test a couple of the internal systems, we parked it in the position that we intend to operate and it works out perfectly, a few minor adjustments and enhancements on the wharf to facilitate the loading of people and it will be perfect. As promised here are a couple of Photos as it is before it has a make over in the winter.

Early night tonight I think
 Regards Simon

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