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Friday, 1 March 2013

busy, busy, busy

Hi all, it has been absolutely manic here at Norbury today.
Denise has been kept nice and busy in the tea room, she has been cooking breakfast goodies like they have been going out of fashion, She does do a nice breakfast tho so maybe word is getting around, let's hope so.
Mrs Handbag has been spring cleaning Python which has kept her busy all day, we thought she had gone hope at one point as we hadn't seen her for so long, she does a very good job.
We had a massive delivery of gifts for the shop delivered on Wednesday which we left for Joyce to put out today as she has a great flair for display, she was helped along by Lynn who has been wiping all the shelving down....then we came across a stumbling block, we needed hooks putting on the beams to hang some of the gifts from, even with a set of steps Joyce couldn't reach as she is only about 4' 8" so Lynn had to do it :-)
We then had Tim Yorke turn up with loads of painted ware, I thought we might aswell take the bull by the horns while all us girls were in together and buy all the stock he had and get it out on the shelves.
All the stock is now out and the shop looks great.
Simon has been out on a jolly today in Lichfield pricing up a paint job, he returned just after lunch with a bag of duck food and said "don't say I never buy you anything"....don't think I'd like to try it if I'm honest, thanks anyway Simon.
We had a delivery of timber today which has kept David and Bernard busy.
Engineer Simon has been working on a private job as has Mick, and Mr Handbag has been blacking and doing general yard duties.
Well that's all from me for today, til next time..................bye ange.

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