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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

what a glorious day

Hi all, it has been an absolutely glorious day here at Norbury today so the tea room has seen quite a few customers through the door. We are thinking of changing the name of the tea room to "Tupps tea room" as Denise looks like Mrs Tupp from the childrens tv programme "Big Bertha", she is so clever that her first aid kit repairs broken limbs and even severed limbs...........only joking Simon.
On a more serious note we have been quite busy here today in one way or another, the phones have been busy, we have been booking day boats and a couple of holiday bookings, and our E bay shop is going quite well.
Joyce has manned the tea room today as well as tidying up in the shop and putting stock out and putting items for sale on E bay, I have been catching up on paperwork and doing general day to day things and so has Simon :-)
Engineer Simon has been working on a private boat and Mr Handbag (Mick) has been blacking and doing odd jobs around the yard, everyone else has been on their days off.
We closed the tea room at 3.30 pm this afternoon, locked the doors and switched the lights off and taped it all off so that Joyce and Myself could paint the floor in reception, We were going to do half today and half on Friday. We then had a brainwave....lets close at  5pm and do it all. Simon said "but how will I get out"....sorted....We got 2 bricks and a plank ;-)....He set the alarm, walked across the plank, locked the doors and went home and hopefully the floor will be dry in the morning.
That's it from Me  today....til next time....byeeee Ange.

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