Shop front in the summer

Thursday, 21 February 2013


I do love days like today, its been really busy here at Norbury and the place has had a great 'vibe' to it, everyone has been busy, Denise in the tea room has looked after the many visitors that we have had today, Lynn has been busy learning the ropes and putting stock away, Me and David have been kept busy with enquiries, bookings, quotes and dealing with lots of customers and of course the lads, who do give us some grief, talking of which, after a ride out to a breakdown on one of our hire boats this morning Simon returned and has been down in the depths of the dry dock where he is now replacing a bow thruster tube and at the same time modifying it so that it will be safe to use in the future, unlike it was when we inspected it in the first place, it was a death trap waiting to happen! Bernard has been in today and is back with us for a while as we have quite a lot of work on at the moment, and Mick (Mr handbag) has been painting, pressure washing and pumping boats out that have been on the wharf.

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