Shop front in the summer

Friday, 15 February 2013

It's been an absolutely glorious day today with temperatures as high as 12°C, although I must admit that it has turned a bit cold again now...

It gets a bit confusing when you have got two people with the same names. Well, we have got Mick and Mick, then Simon and Simon! It confuses me at times believe me and you should see the things I write about them in our diary! I've resorted to calling Mrs. Handbag's husband Mick, Mick and the other Mick, Micky - it's got nothing to do with a mouse, honestly. Hope that makes sense...

So, Mick has been busy with blacking, turnrounds and touching up the paintwork on Bounty today. Micky has been doing some jobs on the shared boats and has been getting the three boats ready that are going out tomorrow. Yes, we have got three boats out tomorrow - it feels like the season has actually begun.Steve has been doing some jobs round the yard.

Mrs. Handbag and Lynn have been cleaning boats whilst Ange and Denise have been manning the shop and tearoom, and putting out stock!

I sneaked off out earlier, only down to Newport, but I treated everyone to cream cakes - you should have seen their faces when I produced them at lunchtime...

That's it from me today.

Until tomorrow.

Best regards,


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  1. Hi David,

    What is the trick to get onto your webcam? I'm using IE9 fully updated but can't get on. I can sign in, when I remember that it is all lower case! The next page takes a long time to load but all I get is the words "IP Camera" on one side of the page and the word "undefined" repeated several times on the other.