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Saturday, 16 February 2013

hectic day

Well what a busy day we have had here at Nor bury today.
We had Phantom return first thing with happy customers aboard, they ordered full English breakfasts just as a massive Tesco delivery arrived for the 3 hire boats that have gone out today. Denise helped the poor Tesco man offload all the groceries and left me in the kitchen, I can cope with a couple of breakfasts, but then 3 more people turned up for food and I just go into panic mode, I can make a mess in her kitchen without even cooking :-) sorry Den.
We have sold Serendipity today aswell.
Lynn and Mrs handbag have cleaned Ember, Sphinx, Reflection and Wharf cottage ready for the new occupants. Mr handbag has been turning boats around, engineer Simon has turned Wharf cottage round and Mick has been working on a private boat.
David has been in and out of the office today sorting quotes for jobs and selling Serendipity.
I have been listing items on e bay....and then all hell broke loose....the hirers turned up for Ember,Sphinx and Reflection. A great bunch of people from Blackpool, 21 kids and their youth workers. We had their groceries all over the laundry....masses of one stage we had food, kids and luggage taking up all the car park area, then we had life jackets:-) ....I bought out as many as I could, we had a fitting session then the stragglers formed an orderly queue in the laundry while I kitted them all out....flipping heck I was worn out by the time I'd finished....anyway they have all departed happy and gave a wave to Dyl the dog as they cruised past my boat.
I'm exhausted so until next time, byeeee ange.

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