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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Rain, rain and more rain

Today it has persistently raining!

Mick, Fred and I have docked Victory (thats one of our dayboats) and a brokerage boat for pressure washing and blacking. 

Mick has finished a diesel stove service and has been repairing some wood work on one of the hire boats. Steve has been doing jobs around the yard and Fred has pressure washed the boats on the dock, turned a couple of hire boats round and done some coal deliveries.

Don't forget that we supply Housecoal, Anthracite, Excel and Taybrite all in 25kg clean sealed bags. We even deliver to boats, pubs and houses in the area, but we do have a minimum order quantity of ten bags.

Denise and Ange have been in the shop and tearoom today whilst I have seemed to be here there and everywhere!

Not much to report on such a damp day, but we have got a busy day scheduled for tomorrow!

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