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Monday, 18 February 2013

I'm back!

Wow what a superb day to return to work, the weather today has been brilliant, bright sunshine all day long, its been a bit chilly but that has not spoilt the day at all. Its been a busy one today, the weather has obviously helped but also the fact that it is half term has had an effect, lots of people around looking at boats, lots of people in the shop and tea room keeping Denise busy, Lyn has been busy putting stock away and generally helping out in the tea room and answering the phones, I guess the lads have been busy too as I have hardly seen any of them today, or they have been avoiding me! It always seems to take ages to get back in to the driving seat after a weeks holiday but after two weeks its even harder to catch up, fortunately not too much for me to plough through as David and the team seem to have everything in order!

I have had two lovely weeks away, I think that when you have your own business you never truly get away from work unless you go abroad and out of contact, but didn't go abroad this time for lots of reason so  I had a couple of days doing business related jobs, a few days on my own boat servicing the engines and generally getting it ready for the upcoming season, and I ended up doing decorating and several outstanding jobs around my house, oh and lots of socialising! But because I have not had a time schedule to keep to it has felt like I have had a month off work, so I am now totally chilled.

Until tomorrow

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