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Friday, 1 February 2013

Sooooooooooooo busy

Wow what a busy day it has been here today, it's been like a normal, busy Friday morning in the height of the season.
Simon was putting an order together on Wednesday for chandlery items, I piped up "don't get it all delivered on the same day", I said this because as soon as the season starts looming He just goes barmy, guess what? it all turned up this morning. It has taken Denise and Myself all day to bag everything up and punch and staple all the header cards on shackles, bolts, switches, lift the dots, canopy studs and much much more. All this along with Denise being busy in the tea room and the phone ringing non stop has made it a real busy day.
Simon went out around lunchtime to do some bits and bobs in Newport and asked if I wanted some stock bringing back for the grocery shelves, we didn't go down that road.
He returned a couple of hours later with some compliment slips from the printers that He proceeded to put right down in front of where I was working, after I had moved them out of the way he took the scissors to hack at a parcel that I hadn't quite had time to open, it was a new piece of equipment for the lads to abuse, well I knew that, and that's why I didn't break a leg to open it. He then put the bubble wrap it was wrapped in on my desk along with the scissors and the bank paying in books, at one stage I thought I'd lost the desk, I couldn't see wood for trees :-(
We have had a boat craned out of the water today that is being moved down to London, this was a private sale, not one of our brokerage boats.
We had a repair done to the pressure washer done yesterday as it had given up the ghost, Fred managed to blow it up this afternoon.
Mandy has been helping with the cleaning today in Mrs Handbags absence, she has spring cleaned "Quartz" which has gone out with a very excited crew on board, they have never been on a boat before so I suggested they head off down to Penkridge as they didn't want to do too many locks. After that Mandy checked Wharf Cottage over for Monday as it is out for a short break, the 3 amigos wanted to stay in it for a few days but I'm afraid the answer had to be "no", She then cleaned the 3 day boats as bookings are starting to pick up and 1 might just book overnight.
David and Fred have been busy un-docking and docking today.
Simon (boss) is now on holiday for 2 weeks now, have a good time Simon and see you in a fortnight.
That's all from me for today, until next time.............byee Ange.

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