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Thursday, 31 January 2013


Another blowy day here at Norbury today, well at least it hasn't rained, snowed or anything else horrible, but that wind seems relentless, it plays havoc with boating on a narrow boat too, which is a shame as we have had two shared owned boats go out this afternoon, good luck to them!

Its been very busy here yet again today, we had a meeting this morning just to finalise some details for a company that is going to design our new website, that will keep us busy for the next few weeks in sorting out photos and new material for it, the new site will also be containing much much more so keep your eyes open for it, but apart from that meeting this morning its just been a generally busy day, the tea room has seen some traffic today which is good and we have had our fair share of people through the door and on the phone which has kept the office buzzing all day.

In response to a comment off an earlier blog, here is the link to our eBay shop Norbury eBay shop and I am really pleased to say that it is going great and we have been selling all sort, we are adding items to it on a daily basis so keep visiting it for updates and some bargains as we start to go through our stores and workshops too!


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