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Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Busy, busy,busy
Although we have not seen many customers through the door today it has been non stop.
The phone has not stopped ringing, holiday bookings, dry dock bookings, craning and transport.
There has only been Simon and Myself in the office today and I have also been in the tea room which has seen quite a lot of traffic albeit it for only the odd brekkie or tea and cakes but it has kept me busy. We have also sold a couple more things on E bay. E bay seems to be going quite well, we are not breaking any records but chandlery is selling, and some of them are only items that I put on at the weekend ;-)
David and Denise have both been on their day off today, Steve has been sorting the pipe work on Lock Cottage, Fred has been doing a bit of painting and Simon has been doing some engine work on the hire fleet.
Mick is still working on a private boat sorting out their tiling in the bathroom, he is getting there, his shoulders are aching from knocking off the old tiles, they are well and truly stuck on he says :-(
The weather here today has been quite pleasant, very mild, bit blowy at times and we had a little bit of rain around lunchtime.
I went to let Dylan out at 12 o'clock, took a radio with me just in case customers turned up while I was gone, guess what....I had just let him out, stoked my fire and the radio went off, so off I went back to the tea room.
Well that's it from me for today, sorry for the short post, not a lot going on, til next time, byeeee Ange.

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