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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

freezing cold

Hi all, it has been really cold here today. I went back to my boat at lunchtime today to let Dylan out and to stoke the fire up, when I had the door open whilst emptying the ash pan the wind was howling and I was dithering as it was so cold, I soon had the door shut and Dylan was warm again for the afternoon ;-) bless him.
We have been reasonably quiet here today, but we have had a few people in for gas, diesel and coal and I have even had a couple of people in the tea room, albeit it just for tea and cake.
Simon and I have plodded on with putting goods for sale on E Bay, it is so time consuming when we have such a lot of items for sale in our chandlery but we are getting there.
Engineer Simon has been continuing with winter engine services on the hire fleet and Fred has been doing a bit of painting and blacking and generally complaining about everything.
Ember has had her boat safety certificate done today and she passed I'm glad to say.
David, Mick and Denise have all been off today which has just left Simon and Me in the office today.
Sorry the blog is so short but there really is nothing else to say for today, until next time byeeee ange.

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